August 22nd - 24th in Toronto, Canada
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John Kinsella

Chief Architect
Seattle, WA
John Kinsella is the Chief Architect of Accurics, a provider of security and compliance tools for enterprises using cloud computing. His 20-year background focuses around application and network security, from initial design through business-critical production operations. He has brought several enterprise security products to market, consulted internationally on information security topics, and worked with international governance bodies to define security standards and best practices for cloud computing. John has long been active in open-source projects, is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation and CNCF’s security special interest group. He has spoken on security topics at local meetups, larger events such as ContainerCon 2016, and keynote slots such as InfoSec World 2019. Additionally, he’s a co-host of the Application Security Weekly podcast. When possible, he enjoys mentoring and advising people in the information security and startup communities.
Monday, August 22

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Tuesday, August 23

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Wednesday, August 24

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